Bungalow and house kits


Bungalow and 1.5 storey house kits for sale including haulage. 

We offer a range of different house designs for supply only at a fixed price.These houses kits are typically delivered on one or two lorries to anywhere in the UK or the continent. Please contact us for details of bungalow and 1.5 storey pricing, including haulage to your site. These kits include the following ; 

  • All design and structural calculations, including soleplate design necessary for when the foundation is constructed. 
  • All external and internal wall panels. External panels will be either 45x195mm studs, or 38x184mm ( both give excellent thermal peformance ) The outsides of the panels are sheathed in 9mm osb with Tyvek breather membrane fitted as standard.The inside of the panel is open. Internal panels are generally 38x89mm unless load bearing. 
  • For 1.5 storey house designs only - floor joists and 18mm or 22mm chipboard or osb sub-floor decking. 
  • Roof structure - either trussed rafters or in the case of a ' cut roof ' rafters and glulam purlins ( if necessary ) and ridge beam.Rafters are either pre-cut or cut on site. 
  • Any glulam beams and posts which may be necessary based on the design. 
  • Loose timber or osb board if required by the design, including all balconies. 

                                        Bungalow designs

15589964_1203246499782209_1568909385663232610_n      jones9                    

   115m2 bungalow (184mm ext walls )                165m2 design with attic trusses and steep roof pitch ( 184mm ext walls )   

Charentefront      render2.50

    150m2 bungalow  (184mm ext walls )                                 160m2 bungalow with 140mm exterior walls only 

lindsay2      lr12

        165m2 bungalow  (195mm ext walls )                             Mediterranean style bungalow -150m2  (195mm ext walls )

                               1.5 storey house designs

                                                              House with traditional périgourdine roof ( 195mm ext walls )

IMG_2106       Final4

One and a half storey house with dormer windows (195mm ext walls )

 Brittanyhousefront (2)-1

One and a half storey house without dormers - footprint approx 110m2 (140mm or 184mm ext walls )