Insulation and airtightness


  • Insulation

We can offer to supply rolls of loose insulation with the superstructure kit for external wall panels only which typically solves two basic problems at the continental end ; 1) Insulation is often more expensive 2) Lead times for delivery can be onerous at the best of times. 

Insulation can be supplied in packs loose on the lorry, and then installed within the external wall panels immediately after the structure is erected. 

  • What is airtightness?

    Air tightness is the sealing of unwanted and uncontrolled drafts within the structure. It can be achieved by the correct and proper installation of a vapour check or vapour barrier. The advantage of sealing up drafts is that you can control ventilation to ensure that heat loss is reduced.

  • Why do I need airtightness?

    Latest regulations in France and other European countries requires careful consideration of the thermal performance of a superstructure. In order to achieve Passivhaus or low carbon homes standards it is essential to ensure a high level of air tightness. Tests have shown that just a 1mm wide gap 1m long in a buildings structure will reduce the insulation properties by 80% when the building is subject to a 20mph wind. 

  • How is it achieved?

    Whether a masonry structure or timber frame the principal is the same. The internal face of the external walls and roof must have a continuous seal to eliminate unwanted drafts. It is achieved through the use of membranes and tapes to ensure the insulation is able to function at its optimal performance. The vapour check membrane also ensures that interstitial condensation risk is minimised, ensuring no structural damage from moisture, mould, rot and damp.

  • We can supply an air tightness membrane with your house kit, however unfortunately we cannot fit it at the factory, as it will interfere with the erection of the panels.Installation of an internal airtightness membrane for some types of house/bungalow/chalet packages which we offer is carried out after the superstucture has been erected.