Cost comparisons



Anybody can go on French forums and read discussions about the prices charged by French manufacturers for ' ossature bois.' For those who don't speak French, the translate button is very handy ! 

Few French manufactuers quote for a package ' en kit ' and will generally only quote for a virtual turn-key price in Euros per m2. Although we have heard of one or two manufacturers offering to supply in kit form, prices seem to be prohibitive - we heard of one example recently of a 130 m2 bungalow costing about 65,000 Euros plus TVA ( 19.6% ) Prices for a turn-key option are also very high, ranging seemingly from about 1,600 Euros per m2 to 2,500 Euros per m2 in some cases. Prices will also tend to vary according to the geographical location - the Alps for example is a particularly expensive part of France.  

Whilst there are a number of companies in the UK producing panelised timber frame kits, very few have any experience of dealing with the European market. To date we have supplied and erected buildings in three different countries, including most regions of France. The experience and knowledge which comes with this can only be accumulated over quite a few years ! 


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 Project of a terrace of three houses in the UK - 2015                                  Chalet in French Alps - 2014