Technical info


We can supply external walls of varying thicknesses of 140mm, 195mm and 184mm, and internal walls of 89mm. The choice of wall thickness depends really on the thermal performance which you are trying to achieve, as the insulation will sit normally sit inside the wall panel.The geographical location of your plot will also be a factor in this consideration - clearly regions of Europe with continental climates, or Alpine regions, will require maximum thermal performance. Good thermal performance also helps to keep the dwelling cool during hot summers of course.  

Please note that in France timber frame external wall panels are typically only 120mm or 140mm thick, therefore we are providing a higher specification and thermal performance than is the norm. 

Roofs are either trussed rafter or a "cut roof" with a ridge beam, rafters and purlins. The whole house shell is very carefully designed in the UK, with full working drawings and structural calculations produced to Eurocode 5 specification. This harmonises the standards to European specification.

The walls are sheathed on the outside with OSB board, and fitted with reflective breather membrane. Cladding can be either wood or render - please note that the latter requires Rendalath sheets or special fibre boards which we can supply on request at extra cost. The team of erectors can fit these sheets or boards by battening the exterior of the house.The actual rendering would then be carried out by a suitably qualified local tradesperson. Wood cladding also involves battening the exterior of the house before the wood cladding is fitted. Usually cedar or larch is used. Unlike the case with render finishing, our teams can fit wood cladding by affixing the boards to the battening.Weatherboard can also be fitted, though labour costs are slightly higher for this form of cladding. 

Internally, the panels are open, ready to be packed with mineral wool from manufacturers such as Isover or Rockwool. Once the services are installed ( electrics, plumbing) plasterboard is simply fitted to the inside.

Our superstucture kits can be erected either by local artisans, by the customer himself or by our team of expert erectors - however whichever option you go for the kit will arrive at the site pre-manufactured, and will erect within a very short time period. 

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A bungalow in the Gers which is in the process of having Stucanet type mesh sheets fitted, so as to allow render to be applied by local artisans.

Note how the 195mm external wall panels have been battened first so that the sheets can be affixed. The breather membrane in this case is black.